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Image : U.S. sets steep duties on imports of Chinese cold-rolled steel

U.S. sets steep duties on imports of Chinese cold-rolled steel

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The United States slapped Chinese steelmakers with final import duties of 522 percent on cold-rolled flat steel on Tuesday after finding that their products were being sold in the U.S. market below cost and with unfair subsidies.

Image : Puerto Rico pledges $65M to improve public housing access

Puerto Rico pledges $65M to improve public housing access

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico has agreed to invest $65 million to make thousands of public housing units more accessible for disabled residents across the U.S. territory.

Image : AP-GfK Poll: Clinton appears on cusp of commanding victory

AP-GfK Poll: Clinton appears on cusp of commanding victory

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NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton appears on the cusp of a potentially commanding victory over Donald Trump, fueled by solid Democratic turnout in early voting, massive operational advantages and increasing enthusiasm among her supporters.

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Missouri court weighs cap on fees begun after Ferguson

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Supreme Court judges heard arguments Wednesday over the constitutionality of a law passed in the wake of unrest in Ferguson that would cap traffic fines and court fees.

Legislators passed the law in an attempt to address concerns raised about law enforcement and court tactics after the fatal 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb. A U.S. Department of Justice report last March said Ferguson had a profit-driven municipal court system and a police force that frequently targeted blacks.

So Missouri lawmakers passed legislation capping the amount most cities can keep from traffic fines and court fees at 20 percent of their budgets, down from 30 percent.

St. Louis County municipalities face a lower 12.5 percent limit. Several other provisions of the law, including requirements for law enforcement accreditation and written policing policies, are also set to only take effect in St. Louis County.

Some heralded the law as a step toward municipal and police reform. But a dozen St. Louis County cities sued, arguing that it unfairly targets municipalities in that area. The Missouri Constitution has bans on many "special" laws, which are measures that single out specific areas and don't apply across the state.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Hirth agreed when asked by Judge Zel Fischer whether legislators directed the law toward areas they considered problematic. In his argument, Hirth said there's "no question" St. Louis County is treated differently.

But he countered that the Supreme Court "has never held that the Legislature can't legislate by neighborhood."

"There are local problems in different parts of the state that require different remedies," Hirth said.

He said there are dozens of laws on the books that similarly single out areas based on population, adding that other counties could fall under the law depending on population growth or mergers. He also said the legislation doesn't fit that category because it impacts the dozens of municipalities within St. Louis County.

Philadelphia-based attorney David Pittinsky said based on current population trends, it could take at least 150 years before Jackson County, the next highest-population county in the state, to qualify. He said that makes the law narrowly tailored toward a certain area and described it as a "classic" special law.

"I don't think there's any debate about whether they singled out municipalities in St. Louis County," he said. "They clearly singled them out."

Pittinsky also argued it violates the separation of powers by empowering the state revenue director to call on local circuit courts to shut down municipal courts that don't follow the rules. He said it defies the state constitution's limits on unfunded mandates because it imposes new requirements without providing financial help, such as requiring St. Louis County municipalities with their own police departments to have them accredited.

Hirth disputed both those points, saying it's up to the circuit courts to take action against noncompliant municipal courts and that cities can choose to form police departments or contract with another municipality in order to avoid accreditation costs.

Judges did not indicate when they will rule.

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Venezuela's Maduro orders 100-unit banknotes out of circulation

Caracas (AFP) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday signed an emergency decree ordering the country's largest banknote, the 100 bolivar bill, taken out of circulation to thwart "mafias" he accused of hoarding cash in Colombia.The announcement came as the government of Venezuela -- a country in the midst of an economic crisis and crippled with the world's highest inflation -- prepares to issue new banknotes and coins in values up to 200 times the highest denomination currently… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

UEFA Champions League LIVE: Celtic v Barcelona, Borussia Monchengladbach v ...

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Cruise ship operator in Ha Long Bay suspended for gouging tourists

The cruise ship in Ha Long Bay which has been accused of overcharging tourists and cutting tour hours. Photo credit: A cruise ship operator in Ha Long Bay has been suspended for six months after tourists complained about being overcharged on one of its vessels. Port authorities in Quang Ninh Province, home to the world heritage site, said Thursday that none of Hong Long private company’s six ships would be allowed to offer tours of the bay for six months. The officials… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Britain facing 'unprecedented' terror threat: spy chief

London (AFP) - Britain faces an "unprecedented" terror threat that will not subside until the Syrian civil war ends, the head of foreign intelligence service MI6 said Thursday.In a rare speech for an intelligence chief, Alex Younger said British authorities had foiled 12 terrorist plots since June 2013 and warned that the "murderously efficient" Islamic State group was still plotting attacks from Syria, despite recent military reverses."The plight of the Syrians continues to worsen. I cannot… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Where 'A Day Without a Woman' marches will be held in the US today

What would happen if women – for just one day – abstained from working, studying, or spending money and took to the streets instead? This Wednesday, the United States may find out.Coming off the heels of the Jan. 21 Women's Marches, which by some estimates drew more than 3 million participants across the US, organizers are urging women to strike in protest against misogyny, inequality, and oppression. Those who wish to participate in 'A Day Without a Woman' are encouraged to ditch work and not… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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