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Image : Enterprises contribute an average VND1.7 billion per year to budget

Enterprises contribute an average VND1.7 billion per year to budget

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Nhan dan - NDO - Enterprises contributed a total of VND746.4 trillion (US$32.84 billion) to the State budget in 2015 with an average of VND1.7 billion (US$74.800) per enterprise, which was a very small number, showing low efficiency and profits of

Image : Federal court jury says Apple owes WARF $234 million

Federal court jury says Apple owes WARF $234 million

person Orange Themes access_time Oct 17,2015

Apple's loss of a patent infringement case to the University of Wisconsin could turn out to be a costly one, as a jury ruled today that it owes the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation $234 million.

Image : 32 bodies, 9 human heads found in Mexico mass graves

32 bodies, 9 human heads found in Mexico mass graves

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Authorities have exhumed 32 bodies and nine heads from several clandestine graves in Mexico's violence-plagued southern state of Guerrero this week, officials said. The remains were unearthed between Tuesday and Thursday in 17 pits on a hill in the

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Idemitsu, Kuwait's KPI to set up Vietnam oil sales joint venture

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Idemitsu, Kuwait's KPI to set up Vietnam oil sales joint venture

TOKYO, April 18 - Japanese oil refiner Idemitsu Kosan Co and Kuwait's state-run Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) have applied with Vietnam to set up a joint venture to sell oil products in the Southeast Asian country, Idemitsu said on Monday.

The two companies are involved in constructing Vietnam's second oil refinery, the 200,000-barrel-per-day Nghi Son facility, which is scheduled to start operations in the summer of 2017.

The joint venture aims to launch fuel service stations in Vietnam starting early next year and begin wholesale oil operations or direct sales to businesses in the future, an Idemitsu spokesman said.

The venture will mainly receive fuel supplies from the Nghi Son facility once it starts operations, he added.

Bolivia: 19 miners trapped inside mine are rescued

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Bolivian police on Friday rescued 19 wildcat miners who were trapped inside a mine by a rival group using dynamite.Police said that about 100 miners used dynamite blasts to block the mine's entrance and took control of another way out of the Asientos mine. The trapped miners were later rescued unharmed from the silver, lead and zinc mine that is located some 200 miles (320 kilometers) southeast of the Bolivian capital.Police said that miners on both sides had begun… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Ukraine-Russia tensions escalate, Moscow announces war games in the Black Sea

Moscow says Ukraine planned "terrorist acts" in Crimea. Vladimir Putin summoned his security council and the Russian Navy announced war games in the Black Sea a day after the Russian president accused Ukraine of trying to provoke a conflict over Crimea, which Moscow seized and annexed in 2014. The belligerent posture heightened worries in Ukraine that Russia may plan to ramp up fighting in a war between Kiev and pro-Russian eastern separatists that had been de-escalated by a shaky peace… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Buckingham Palace needs infrastructure work to keep it going

LONDON (AP) — Buckingham Palace needs a taxpayer-funded face-lift if it's to remain fit for the queen.Queen Elizabeth II's home in London needs urgent infrastructure work to fix plumbing, electrical cables and heating that hasn't been upgraded since World War II.The work will cost some 369 million pounds ($459 million) over 10 years and is considered critical to safeguarding the building from fire or flood damage.Palace officials acknowledge that the sum is vast, but hope the public will accept… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Australia says US under Trump must stay strong in Asia

Sydney (AFP) - Australia said Wednesday it was crucial for Washington to stay focused on Asia if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, with Canberra keen to see more US involvement in the region, not less.Under President Barack Obama, the United States has pursued a foreign policy "pivot" towards the Asia-Pacific, including stationing marines in Australia, against the background of Beijing's increasing assertiveness.With tensions high over China's claims in the South China Sea and fears… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Unforgettable taste of 'Xoi Khuc'

'Xoi khuc', also known as khuc cake, has its name because the cake cover is made by glutinous rice powder mixed with brayed 'khuc' leaves, covering gram and pork. Xoi khuc is made of brayed glutinous rice mixed with khuc leaves. Glutinous rice for making khuc cake is always choosen carefully to ensure that the cake will be soft and tender. Khuc leaves, the important part of khuc cake, are well brayed to obtain the mash liquor which is mixed with the glutinous powder then kneaded well… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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