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Image : Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

person Orange Themes access_time May 06,2016

Vietnam is one of 18 countries in the world where leaving a tip is optional, according to Business Insider, a US business and entertainment website.

Image : What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

person Orange Themes access_time Sep 20,2015

What would you do for $100k? Amazing Response . JoeySalads asked Hot Girls what they would do with $100,000. Would they give him a blowJob or a fu*k.

Image : Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

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Friday prayers at the People's Mosque in Cape Town looks like any other around the Islamic world, except in this South African city the imam is openly gay and the teaching promotes homosexual rights. It is a stance that provokes outrage from many

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VN farmers destroy coffees plants for sacha inchi

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Farmers in the Central Highland province of Gia Lai are destroying their coffee plantations to grow sacha inchi plants believing they will gain better returns.

VN farmers destroy coffees plants for sacha inchi

Vot takes care of the sacha inchi plants

Sacha inchi is a perennial plant. The seeds of inchi have high protein and oil content and vitamin A and E. The oil is considered even better than the olive oil. It will grow in warm weather, even under 40C.

People believe that even after 30 years, they can still earn VND800,000 per kilo from the same plants. As a result, farmers have destroyed their coffee plants. Other farmers have planted sacha inchi next to the coffee trees even though it's a climbing plant.

Vot, head of Brep Village, said 20 out of 119 households had planted sacha inchi. Most people don't really know what sacha inchi could be used for but heard that it would bring back high profits. "I don't know how it will look like when ripe but everyone said it could be harvested in four months. Now five months have passed and I'm worried because no traders have come," he said.

Dinh, a farmer in T'leo Village, said they destroyed 800 coffee plants to plant a kilo of sacha inchi seeds. If the revenue is high, they will completely replace their coffee cultivation with sacha inchi.

Sacha inchi seeds are being sold at VND550,000 per kilo, equivalent to about 600 seeds. Hung, a sachi inchi seed trader said the seeds could be planted in all types of soil. "There are days we sold 1,000 sacha inchi plants that are 12 centimetres high. In four months, we sold 9,000 plants and 30 kilos of seeds in Dak Hoa and Mang Yang districts," he said.

According to Hung, he knew about the sacha inchi because his ethnic minority customers were seeking for it and willing to pay tens of thousands of VND for a plant.

Truong Duy Loc, vice chairman of K'Dang Commune, said they had only known about the plants recently and were surveying how many households had planted it. He also said since sacha inchi wasn't on the list of trees that attribute to local economic development, farmers might find it difficult to find an outlet.

Le Tuan Hung, vice head of Dak Doa District Agriculture Office, said they still hadn't received information about sacha inchi and there was no processing facilities for such tree in the area. They are still waiting for reports from the communes.

Tran Thi Viet Bac, a local in Phu Thien District recently denounced Hoang Linh Xu Nghe Company in June. Bac said she signed a contract to plant sacha inchi but the seeds given to them were of low quality. 

She hasn't been paid the agreed advance payment. Bac said Hoang Linh Xu Nghe Company had tricked them into buying sacha inchi seeds.


Refugees from Africa, Iraq find homes near in Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — Missoula has become a refuge for more than 40 men, women and children from war-ravaged lands in Africa and Iraq, more than 30 years after last of some 550 refugees from Southeast Asia, most of them Hmong who supported U.S. efforts in the secret war in Laos, were brought to western Montana.The International Rescue Committee and volunteers of Soft Landing Missoula stepped in to help after the community offered to help the latest refugees resettle in Montana.County… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Vietnam’s FDI inflow jumps 85 percent year on year to $6.9 billion

Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Nguyen Thanh Van/VnExpress Photo Contest Foreign direct investment (FDI) pledges in Vietnam rose to $6.88 billion over January 1-April 20 this year, surging 85 percent from a year earlier, according to General Statistics Office (GSO) data released on April 27. Of the total, $5.08 billion comes from 697 newly-registered FDI projects in the period, rising 89.9 percent year on year, and $1.8 billion of additional capital from 314 existing FDI projects in Vietnam, up 71.4… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

VN sports betting market attracts billions of US dollars

The government’s Decree 06 allowing Vietnamese nationals to bet on horse and dog races as well as international football has been compared to ‘an arrow aimed at many different goals’. It promotes the dynamism of the economy, creates entertainment models, and eases ‘foreign currency bleeding’ across border gates. There are no official statistics about the amount of foreign currency flowing into international betting companies from Vietnam, but analysts say it is a huge amount. Soon after the… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Chinese visitors lead rising tourism tides in Vietnam

Chinese visitors led the pack as more than a million foreigners visited Viet Nam in January. Chinese visitors led the pack as more than a million foreigners visited Viet Nam in January. Asian tourists accounted for 67.5 per cent of the total, and nearly 250,000 were from China, an increase of 67.9 per cent compared with the same period last year, according to the Viet Nam Tourism Authority. It said that holidaying in Viet Nam, including during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays, had become a… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Canada prepares welcome mat for American 'asylum seekers'

Ottawa (AFP) - Predictions of an American exodus under a Donald Trump presidency were largely viewed as tongue in cheek during the campaign.Canadians greeted the prospect of American refugees with their typical quirky humor, eagerly touting the country's healthcare system, poutine, maple syrup and "the good side of the Niagara Falls."But as it became clear late Tuesday that Trump was on a sure path to the White House, interest in moving to Canada spiked and crashed the country's immigration… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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