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Image : Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

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Vietnam is one of 18 countries in the world where leaving a tip is optional, according to Business Insider, a US business and entertainment website.

Image : What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

person Orange Themes access_time Sep 20,2015

What would you do for $100k? Amazing Response . JoeySalads asked Hot Girls what they would do with $100,000. Would they give him a blowJob or a fu*k.

Image : Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

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Friday prayers at the People's Mosque in Cape Town looks like any other around the Islamic world, except in this South African city the imam is openly gay and the teaching promotes homosexual rights. It is a stance that provokes outrage from many

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How to develop private equity in Vietnam

access_time May 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline 24 views

VietNamNet Bridge – Andy Ho, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at VinaCapital, shares his views on the recent development of private equity investments in Viet Nam.

How to develop private equity in Vietnam

Andy Ho

Viet Nam’s financial market has not been showing signs of stable investment over the past few months. Do you agree?

I think Viet Nam’s stock markets have done well since the beginning of the year. The VN-Index has increased by 8.2 percent (in US dollar term). It can always be more stable, but we like a little instability so as to create more opportunities for investments and divestments. 

How do you view the performance of private equity (P/E) investments in Viet Nam in 2017?

Private equity is a long-term investment activity so it is difficult to make an assessment over a four-month period. However, I can say that we have opportunities of over $200m in our pipeline and we are currently going through due diligence with three large private equity opportunities. 

For which business sectors in Viet Nam do you believe P/E could be profitable in the long run?

We focus on private businesses operating in sectors that contribute to the growth of the domestic economy. Most or all of these opportunities are in profit businesses. The key is what sort of valuations and terms we have to invest with. If the valuations are lower, we have a higher chance of having a very profitable investment and vice versa. 

How has VinaCapital prepared for its future P/E investments into Vietnamese firms in 2017 and coming years?

Preparing for private equity investments is a very difficult task and comes with many years of experience. The key is reviewing the business and management before we invest and having a good exit strategy. 

What should authorities do to facilitate the market for P/E investments?

Private equity is private and thus, really does not involve the Government. The Government should continue to help develop rules and regulations to improve the investment environment in general. 

How do you assess Viet Nam’s equitization process?

Vietnam has been equitizing State-owned enterprises (SOEs) over the last 15 years and has made solid progress. Included in such success is Vinamilk, Bao Viet and Vietcombank. More recent success includes the Aviation Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), in which we have been fortunate enough to be a major investor. However, there are those who think the process of equitization has been slower than planned. As a result, the Government has made a few changes to ensure that the process will speed up and become more successful.

The equitization process is one in which employees of the SOEs are enfranchised to own a small piece of their business and align their interests with new and existing shareholders, including the State (since the State normally remains a major shareholder). After equitizing, our experience indicates that SOE’s tend to operate more efficiently and effectively, increasing the shareholder value of the business. in a number of cases, we also see better and more effective application of capital in various projects and investments.

In your view, how can the process be improved?

Foreign investors have made some recommendations to improve the process of equitization, including extending the time available for investors to consider the opportunities after prospectuses are provided and to increase the quality of information disclosed in the prospectuses. Such improvements should in theory attract more investors and increase the value of the stake the Government wishes to divest.

We would also like to point out that many of the management teams of these SOE’s being equitized are reluctant to meet with foreign investors mostly because they are not comfortable conversing in English. At VinaCapital, we tend to have good access to these management teams because we are Vietnamese and they do provide us with a lot more relevant information to assess, but we do encourage them to become mor proficient in English to encourage international investors to participate.

What do you recommend for foreign investors interested in the SOE equitization?

We understand that it can be quite cumbersome for foreigners to register for a trading account in Vietnam (a requirement to participate in equitization). We would encourage foreign investors that want to participate in the equitization process in Vietnam to visit international investors like us and we can share with them how we navigate this process quickly and effectively. At the end of the day, the Government is encouraging foreigners to invest in Viet Nam and trying to make it as easy and least costly as possible to participate in the equitization process.


Vietnam to spend $1 billion on imported fruits and vegetables

It is estimated that USD1bn will be spent to import fruits and vegetables from Thailand and China this year, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.    Vietnam is spending a huge amount of money to import fruits and vegetables from Thailand and China. Despite being an agriculture country, Vietnam is spending a huge amount of money on importing fruits and vegetables to meet local demand. Statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that for the… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Deputy PM calls for tourism reforms

 It is time to raise awareness and change the mindset about developing tourism, which must be treated following market rules, said Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue. To make tourism a key industry, proper policies and mechanisms for tourism are needed, he said at a meeting held on September 14 to discuss a draft master plan to develop the tourism sector by 2020. He mentioned some policies, including restructuring tourism towards professionalism, modernity and sustainable development on the… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

German investigators search for Berlin market attacker

BERLIN (AP) — German investigators were searching Wednesday for the killer or killers in Monday's attack on a crowded Berlin Christmas market after a man arrested soon after the rampage was released for lack of evidence and the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.Police in Berlin said they had received 508 tips on the attack as of Tuesday night, but it wasn't clear whether prosecutors had any concrete leads.The attack on the market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the center… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Court rules in favor of worker in gig economy lawsuit

LONDON (AP) — Britain's Court of Appeal has ruled that a plumber was entitled to employment rights in a case seen as a key test of labor rules in the new gig economy.The case Friday was brought by Gary Smith, who worked for Pimlico Plumbers for six years until 2011. The plumber claims he was dismissed following a heart attack and sued, arguing he was entitled to rights like sick pay. The company says he was self-employed.The case has implications for thousands of independent contractors in… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Friedrich drives Germany to win in 2-man bobsled opener

WHISTLER, British Columbia (AP) — Francesco Friedrich and brakeman Thorsten Margis of Germany prevailed in the first World Cup two-man bobsled race of the season Friday night, after narrowly avoiding a crash on one of the final turns.Friedrich's two-run time was 1 minute, 44.21 seconds, which was 0.46 seconds better than the Swiss sled of Rico Peter and Thomas Amrhein. Won Yunjong and Seo Youngwoo of South Korea were third, another 0.02 seconds back.Justin Olsen and Evan Weinstock were the top… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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